Your First Appointment

We understand that being told you need to see a retina specialist can be concerning. You may feel frightened for your eyesight and are seeking immediate answers. We want to assure you that we will work diligently on your behalf to do everything that is possible to preserve your vision. The very first step in saving your eyesight is to make an appointment. You can do this now by calling us at (602)232-6066.

To help save you time, consider downloading our patient form from this website. We also recommend that you bring someone to drive you home after your first visit as your eyes will be dilated.

When you arrive at the office for your appointment, you will be checked in by the receptionist and your current information will be gathered. Due to the complexity of a retinal evaluation, we encourage you to plan to be in our office for a few hours - especially for your first visit.

We will strive to evaluate, test, diagnose and sometimes also treat you all on the same day. This explains why some visits may be lengthier than others. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of patient care.

Accepted Insurance Plans and Out of Pocket Expense

We accept virtually all insurance plans including Medicare and AHCCCS plans such as Mercy Care, APIPA, and others. To find out if we accept your insurance plan, feel free to call us for more details.

Don't have insurance? We want to help you receive the medical care you need. You can call us and speak with a dedicated staff member to inquire further about potential financial arrangements.

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